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The professional consultants at RMT are dedicated to provide Industrial, Commercial, Institutional, Government and nationwide professional organizations with experienced roofing and waterproofing specialists.

The selection of any professional consulting firm is a very important decision and should be based on trust, competence, and value.

We, at RMT, feel that you can save both time and money by choosing a company that is professional, unbiased, objective, and has no hidden agenda for the satisfaction of personal needs except that of a job well done. We believe that you and your requirements are first and foremost in every respect to successful project completion. 


Our team of highly experienced consultants is available to share their extensive knowledge of any size roofing, waterproofing, or exterior maintenance program with you.

RMT has been serving the United States, Canada, and Mexico since 1990. RMT will improve our client's profitability and reduce costs through excellence in managed programs of roofing and waterproofing to realize a watertight building envelope. This is done through partnering with our clients to achieve common goals, advancing new technologies to maximize investments, and providing "Results….Not Excuses" in client service at a fair price. RMT is a leader and innovator in quality roofing and waterproofing consulting services and is recognized as a resource of value in the markets we serve.


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Construction Plans
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· Roofing and waterproofing costs are identified, controlled and reduced.
· Realistic budgets are developed.
· Life cycle costing is realized.
· Existing systems are maintained.
· Standards of quality and performance are generated and enforced.
· Complete design and structural engineering capabilities.

Why Use a Consultant Instead of Contractors or Material Suppliers?

Consultants play a key role in an efficiently managed project. Only through objective, professional analysis and diagnosis of existing roofing and waterproofing needs can you be assured of getting the best results. Our approach is: determine project viability, evaluate maintenance vs. capital improvement options, conduct pre-planning, budgeting and document preparation prior to selection of a contractor or material supplier. We work solely for the client; offering unbiased, objective and professionally prepared results with standards higher than most imposed by existing codes and manufacturer's guidelines.

We have the experience to bring the project in on time and on budget. We coordinate all phases of the project and act as project manager to relieve the client of the stressful task of evaluating technical / operational aspects that the client may not have the expertise available, nor time, to accomplish. Your building's walls and roofs are some of your most valuable fixed assets. Assets that should be managed to maximize efficiency and ensure the highest return on your investment. We will work with you in managing your building's requirements, including multiple properties and multi-building facilities.

By using the latest state-of-the-art technology and equipment, we are able to expeditiously collect, process and disseminate high volume data on all projects; thereby adding value to your initial investment with more precise and thorough information in return. 



We are a Missouri Corporation established in St. Louis, Missouri, in 1990, by Kevin O'Connell, a lifetime resident of St. Louis.  The company was purchased by Ryan O’Connell in 2016.


All data is reviewed for accuracy and final compilation by the President or Vice President of the firm.


We have project managers, quality assurance managers, senior consultants, consultants, draftsmen, and a full administrative staff.


We only utilize experienced personnel who have been thoroughly indoctrinated in the RMT philosophy of client satisfaction and thoroughly trained both in industry concepts by industry-sponsored seminars and training programs. We also have in-house training regarding safety for rooftop activities and for handling the emergency response to natural disasters and client emergencies for unforeseen roof problems that would stop production or render an unsafe work environment.


We are engaged in projects ranging in scope from a few thousand to several million dollars. Geographically, we work with clients throughout North America, Mexico, and Canada.


Our clients are industrial, commercial, institutional, educational, and retail-oriented. The majority of our client's roof systems are of conventional commercial-type construction. Our primary emphasis is on roofing with approximately 90% of our assignments in this category and with 10% on waterproofing. Our services are evenly split with survey and analysis work at 33% (including non-destructive testing and computer database management), specification design at about 33%, and project management/quality assurance at approximately 25% with the remaining forensic and litigation-oriented investigations and specialized consulting requirements.


We invite your inquiry and can offer additional information regarding our local and national references, professional curriculum vitae on the principals and staff members or any other information pertaining to our expertise and experience with a particular problem.

Tech & Data


Expertise utilizing the latest AutoCAD to create a detailed drawing with complete information is developed with areas measured. We can combine this with diagnostic information gathered by non-destructive Infra-red Thermography, providing the most accurate and comprehensive site analysis system available.

With accurate information, expeditious report submission, lower cost, and personal attention at every level, you can be confident of RMT's unyielding commitment to provide cost-efficient services through advanced technology.


Our Roof Asset Management Program (RAMP) is a large scale integrated analysis and asset management system developed for each client based on their criteria.  We also utilize the Sustainment Management System's ROOFER® program to evaluate the condition of roof systems, an objective and repeatable rating system for determining the roof's present condition is used. After the inspection, the severity and quantity of roof distresses are entered into the ROOFER® database. To ensure objectivity, condition indices are used and the membrane, flashing, and insulation components are evaluated individually. This system ensures an objective assessment of component condition, waterproof integrity, and repair needs. The flashing condition index (FCI), membrane condition index (MCI), and the insulation condition index (ICI) are combined to determine the roof condition index (RCI). The RCI is the overall condition rating of a roof section.

Information Acquired:
· Exterior and Roof Asset Inventory
· Condition Reports
· Recommendations
· Estimated Life Expectancy
· Budget Forecasting
· Material Durability and Maintenance Costs
· CAD Drawings
· Non-destructive Test Results
· Forensic Investigation
· Expert Witness Testimony

Quality Results - First and Foremost:
From leak analysis to complete construction management, you can rely on our expertise, independence, objectivity, and performance to be time-efficient and cost-effective.


Client Information:
Representative clients include Fortune 500 members, Manufacturing and Retail Corporations, Universities, School Districts, Property Management Firms, Health Care Facilities and Hospitals. A list of our Clients is available upon request.



Our vast experience with diverse horizontal and vertical waterproofing envelope problems permits us to excel in the most demanding project.

Call us at 800-348-ROOF(7663)